A Hundred Indecisions

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Parenting - the amazing time suck

To read a great explanation of where your days go when you become a parent, click here. It's one of the most succinct answers I've ever seen! It's an older article, but a classic. Not that I have unsympathetic singleton friends, but this encapsulates the daily agony and ecstasy that is parenting!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Post for gals only...

Boys, avert your eyes... I normally don't write about this kinda personal that-time-of-the-month stuff, but this new product lives up to its hype. It is the camel of feminine protection products, it can stow a lot of flow. It's like the core is made from that Sham-wow towel (assuming that Sham-wow towel actually lives up to its hype, but you get my point). Sometimes it's worth it to pay for the upgrade.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Eye of Newt, Nose of Preschooler

Last night at the dinner table we were watching the commemorative 200th episode of our regular mealtime show, "I ate 2 bites of my dinner and I'm full; may I please have dessert now." The viewers in this household falling into the Age 35-54 bracket are growing bored with this nightly program, but seem unable to break the habit. But I don't really want to talk about that.

So, we're sitting around the dinner table. We're trying to cajole MissM into finishing at least ONE of her tacos. She asked for two originally. She ATE two the prior night. We didn't even TRY to make her eat marinated chicken and pasta, like the adults are eating.

"Just finish the one taco, you've only had 2 bites!" we admonish.

But she is strong, she is unswayed, she is a pillar of defiance.

Then, out of nowhere, her father reaches over, gently tweaks the end of her nose and pretends to pop it into his mouth and eat it. Now this is some kind of weird teasing that he apparently grew up with because I've seen his dad, MissM's Grandpa, play the same thing with her. Normally, it's all fun and games. But she's tired and cranky and wants (but knows she's not getting) dessert.

Her face scrunches up and tears start to run down her cheeks. She takes two rather loud, rather wet-sounding snuffly sniffs, and before I can comfort her and tell her daddy is only teasing, she whips around to look at him, eyes narrowed.

"Now you have snot in your tummy," she tells him.

We both burst out laughing and soon she is laughing, too. No more dinner was consumed, but at least the evening ended on a positive note.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Luck of the Irish

I haven't posted in a long while, primarily because I don't like to share bad news. I generally let it fester inside until some other good news comes along to offset it, to pop the blister, so to speak, and let all the evil ooze out. But I'm trying to be proactive and prevent the return of the twitch, so sit back and get comfy while I use blogging as surrogate (and free) therapy.

Several weeks ago my husband joined the growing ranks of the unemployed. With the economy in a tailspin, it's harder for anyone to find a new position, and it's certainly taking longer. We're getting unemployment payments, I've been putting in some extra hours at my part-time gig, and we've got cash reserves to cover many months of expenses (we're big Suze Orman aficionados). So I'm trying not to be stressed.

MissM has been trying to adjust to having Dad ferrying her to and from preschool. She & I have both been trying to adjust to him being around the house more, which is kinda nice in lots of ways, but still something we're having to get used to.

During Spring Break, I suggested a family outing to go watch the St. Patrick's Day parade- a free, fun outing. It would've been a great day, had I not come down with some kind of stomach flu. Instead of hanging out in Westport and watching folks drink green beer, we went home before the parade was officially over and I hung out in the master bath throwing up.

So, unemployment and puking on St. Patrick's Day. Our house surely has been cursed with the luck 'o the Irish...

It's hard to tell from this photo, but MissM did enjoy the parade.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday, originally uploaded by Tacey.

Inside-out leggings
Backwards shirt
Mismatched socks
2 Different Shoes
Sequined belt
upside down pink skirt
funky pigtails
beads & lei
feathers in hair
Let the WACKINESS ensue!

Lucky in Love Literature

My husband is generally the lucky one. If there's going to be a random drawing, a raffle, or a door prize he's more likely to win than anyone else I've ever known. But I didn't have him with me last night. And guess what? I won! I won a BOOK! (And I love books.)

Our neighborhood book club planned a field trip for this month's meeting. We all attended an author event/book signing organized by Rainy Day Books. We went to see Stephanie Kallos talk about her second novel Sing Them Home. It was a very nice evening at Unity Temple on the Plaza, albeit a bit chilly in the sanctuary. The author read a large portion of the first chapter of Sing Them Home and an essay entitled "How to Write Your Second Novel: or If you want to make God laugh, show Him your outline." She also talked about the motivations and origins of her second novel, answered questions from the audience, and shared some enticing tidbits about her next novel, currently in the works.

After the author spoke, they held a drawing to give away a copy of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and tickets to the author event in May when that author will be speaking and signing books!

Our book club adjourned to Brio around the corner for some munchies, drinks, and discussion of the book. Much fun was had by all. Next month we will be discussing The Time Traveler's Wife.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Common Scents

So I'm headed to bed last night and as I enter our bedroom, I pass my husband who is getting ready for bed himself. An unexpected, yet not unfamiliar scent catches my attention as I give him a kiss in passing.
"What's that smell?" I ask. "Did you just put something scented on?"
"I just put some lotion on my feet," he responds.
"Which lotion did you use?"
"That stuff," he points to his bedside table.
"Which stuff?" I ask for clarification, as there are several containers on his table.
"The stuff in the green tube. Why are you asking?"
I pick up the tube in question and recognize the scent immediately.
"I hate to tell you this, but that wasn't lotion."
"Well, what was it?"
I started laughing...
"Hair product. The good news is, your feet will no longer be troubled by unruly curls or frizz."

Friday, January 23, 2009

Attitude and Gratitude

Today was a crappy day:
  • MissM had a bad day at preschool today. Bit her tongue and bled and cried. Didn't get to sit next to her favorite buddy at lunch. Sulked in the nap area instead of playing with the other kids.
  • Husband found out our healthcare will be changing to the carrier that the best hospital system in the KC Metro no longer accepts.
  • I got my 401K statement for 4Qtr2008 and it's just beyond sad.
  • I lost my keys at the grocery store.
  • Our mini-grocery cart got stuck in a hole in the parking lot and tipped over, knocking MissM on her caboose and giving me a large, lovely bruise on my right shin.
But even when things suck, I still have many things to be thankful for:
  • My daughter loves going to preschool. Daily drama is quickly forgotten. Little bodies (including tongues) heal fast.
  • We HAVE healthcare.
  • I have an awesome job that still let's me contribute to my 401K and even honors their matching arrangement, even though I'm only part-time.
  • Some angel at the grocery store turned my keys in to the customer service desk.
  • I have dark opaque tights I can wear to obscure the bruise when I get dressed up tomorrow to accompany husband to a chamber of commerce dinner.